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Data Recovery

We do Data Recovery for business users from servers, computers, iPhones, USB’s, memory sticks, and free-standing hard drives.

Our ability to recover data is largely dependent on the cause of Data Loss.

Hard Drive crashes -recovery will depend on the nature of the damage if physically damaged it may need to be sent to our data recovery partner recover lab.
Human Error – generally data deleted accidentally or overwritten can be retrieved using our recovery software.
Software Corruption – generally data can be retrieved if the corruption is small in nature, however, it may need to be sent to our data recovery partner recover lab.
Computer Virus – if the virus can be isolated and eliminated, we can generally get data back, it is, however, system dependent.
Natural Disasters – generally these involved water damaged hardware and need to be sent to our data recovery partner recover lab.

If your data loss involves an insurance claim we can help with a quote and letter of authority for your insurance company.

We are generally more cost-effective than a specialist data recovery company as we provide initial no labs data recovery services and if we find a lab tech is required we use our data recovery partner.

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Data loss can be absolutely catastrophic to any business. Having the ability to recover data and resume operations is vital to the future of your business.
Businesses without full time IT resources are the most vulnerable to catastrophic data loss – almost 50% of business don’t survive!

Did you know that around 600,000 hard drives crash in Australia every year?

Hard disk drive (HDD) crashes are still the most common cause of data loss in Australia, according to research from data recovery vendor Kroll Ontrack. A survey of Kroll Ontrack’s Australian customers shows that 56% named HDD crashes or failures as the cause for their most recent data losses.

Causes of Data Loss

Hardware or System Problem 56%
Human Error 26%
Software Corruption 9%
Computer Viruses 4%
Natural Disasters 2%

So are you protected against the high risk of loss – even human error does happen to the best of us!

Many times there are very few warning signs of an impending hard drive failure, and most of us ignore every warning our computer gives us. Also, we cannot always predict possible power surges or what other people are doing on our devices! The only way to ensure that you will not lose everything to one of the many potential disasters is to make sure you have a reliable and tested home data backup solution in place.

Let us provide a solid & affordable data backup solution for your needs!

Computer Troubleshooters Milton Data Backup and Recovery Services offers advanced solutions from industry-leading partners and delivers all services in a professional and cost-effective method.
We offer services that include:

Local Backup
Remote/Cloud Backup
Backup Monitoring
Managed Backup
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