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Did you know?

➔ 70% of girls are bullied online
➔ 40% of children have accessed porn
➔ 50% of kids hide their online behaviour
➔ 25% of parents struggle to control their kids use of devices

In today’s connected age there are many risks and challenges for parents. What kids can access, who can access our kids, how they behave online and controlling their screen time.

We believe every family must implement some parental controls at home. There are no excuses because let’s face it – what gets seen can not be unseen and we at Computer Troubleshooters see too many horror stories.

And so we’ve teamed up with the innovative Family Zone with a mission to make Australia Cybersafe.

What is Family Zone

Family Zone is a universal, unique and innovative cloud-based parental control solution. It combines enterprise and consumer technology sourced from the USA and across the globe with innovation created in Australia.

It has been built from the ground up to suit the needs of real families, to deal with the weaknesses of existing approaches and to involve communities and providers of access, social networking and games within a single solution.

Features include:

➔ Filtered internet content; google search and YouTube
➔ Control access to social networks;
➔ Apply routines to get your kids to study and sleep;
➔ Solutions at home and on mobile devices;
➔ Supports for device sharing and split families; and
➔ Access pre-built packages by Cyber Safety Experts.

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Family Zone Installation Service

➔ Have a Computer Troubleshooters IT expert help on hand while you install the Family Zone
➔ $139 (incl. GST) covers the call out and 60 minutes of on-site support

What we will do

➔ Help you with any home networking and WiFi coverage
➔ Guide you through the Family Zone setup
➔ Provide advice on exposures on the internet and issues around privacy and security

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