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2016 - 2 - Page 2 Business Goals CropMicrosoft research has identified 4 key business goals that you need from your IT systems:

– Your Business needs reliable securely enabled and protected IT systems.

– Your Staff need the ability to conduct business from anywhere and on any device (PC, Mac, iPhone, Smartphone or tablet)

– Staff need to be able to work from multiple locations, collaborate, and share using your IT systems, plus connect with clients.

– Your Business needs flexibility to grow efficiently with scaleable IT system without large capital investment.

What determines your business IT setup?
Typically in most Australian businesses with multiple employees, many core functions were handled by a server which was an integrated suite from Microsoft designed for running email, network infrastructure and applications. Now, with changes to licencing and technology, many functions can be hosted in the cloud and combined with a local Essentials Server. In identifying your ultimate solution to IT enable your business it will depend on your business requirements and stakeholder considerations, such as those below:

Business owner considerations2016 - 2 - Page 2 Typical Crop
Capital investment – do you prefer to invest to upgrade systems or use a pay as you go subscription model?
Space and operating requirements – do you need to run your own infrastructure?
Maintenance – would host dramatically reduce staff or outsource costs for your IT support?
Scalability – will you need to add or reduce users in the future?
Operating control – can you trust an external IT expert to remotely manage your systems?
Applications – can you use hosted applications or do you need to host locally?
Data usage and file sizes – are your business characteristics suitable to use hosted applications?
Broadband speed and capacity – can your internet bandwidth handle hosted usage?
Statutory data retention – does your business have a requirement to hold and protect data?

End-user considerations
Access anywhere
– do your users need access from PC, tablet and phones?
Syncing –
do your staff need synced email and data?
Information sharing
– would access business information on the move be helpful to your staff?
Seamless networking –
would eliminate the need for a VPN to reduce access complexity and increase productivity?
Backup and central control –
would automatic backup and centralised control reduce your risk of user originated data loss?

How does an IT-enabled business look?

Office 365 is the core of new IT environments, hosted in the Microsoft data centre it is controlled locally from an administration panel – user-profiles and company policies can be managed remotely. This includes a new user set up and management of existing accounts.

Micros2016 - 3 - Page 3 Cropoft handles all email backup and maintenance in their Australian data centre backed by a 99.9% service level guarantee.

Many financial systems are now cloud-based (eg Xero, MYOB) enabling multi-user access from anywhere and reducing the need for a local server installation.

Workstations, tablets and smartphones licences and users can be managed remotely with Office 365, particularly in an environment of BYO device and multiple device access.

OneDrive for business and Sharepoint can be used for synced files.

Database, CRM and line of business applications need to be individually assessed to determine software licencing requirements and suitability for hosted, local, or virtualized environments.

Telephony can now be integrated into the IT environment to gain seamless transfer, messaging and call management using Fonality hosted VoIP phone systems. Skype for business provides group video conferencing without the need for specialist equipment.

Security considerations
With the evolution of cloud-integrated systems the risks associated with internet and internal security is continually escalating:

End-user security – workstations and laptops still require anti virus malware protection, scheduled backup, and regular preventative maintenance.
Centralised user control and backup – critical company information and local files need to be protected and still require regular backup, possibly with offsite duplication.
Unified threat management and content filtering – can offer maximum external threat protection and enhanced business productivity to your internal network.
Disaster recovery and data restoration – business continuity can only be guaranteed with adequate backup and recovery procedures in place.

How does the Office 365 core enable your business into the cloud?

Office 365 is a cloud-based service hosted by Microsoft that provides anywhere access to your familiar Office applications, email, calendar, 2016 - 4 - Page 4 Cropvideo conferencing and most up-to-date documents across your devices including laptops, tablets and smartphones.

  • Business-class email – Large 50GB mailboxes that can send messages up to 25MB with contacts, shared calendars, shared mailboxes, with data centre spam and malware protection. Office 365 allows access from across the globe with Outlook or web. You can use your own custom domain for your business email addresses, plus you get multi-device syncing which allows a single view across all devices.
  • Microsoft Office applications – Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint plus more – users licences are provided by subscription on multiple devices and are continually upgraded to new versions.
  • Online document storage and file sharing – 1TB of storage in the cloud to store, backup and easy sharing with other users. Files are accessible with user permissions from almost any device, versions synchronized and available for use without an internet connection.
  • Video conferencing and private social networking – Skype for business group scheduled online meetings including audio, video, recording and screen sharing. Yammer provides an internal social networking platform to share information, facilitate discussions and empower collaboration within workgroups.

Office 365 advantages –
– Work from anywhere on any device – You have synced single view of your business.
– Trusted local infrastructure – Office 365 is hosted in an Australian data centre with a 99.9% uptime service level guarantee.
– Reduce your capital expenditure – Reduced core hardware purchases, plus Office 365 licencing is available as a monthly subscription.
– Cut operational and energy costs – Reducing servers can reduce running costs substantially.
– Scale and flexibility for your business – Office 365 licences can be added or removed at any time.
– No upgrades required – Office 365 is always up to date and capabilities are added automatically.
– Remote support – All Office 365 is administered from a central control panel built for remote administration.

2016 - 5 - Page 5 Crop 1How can we support your IT enabled business?

As an IT-enabled business with Microsoft Office 365 at the core of your IT systems
you should enjoy greater productivity and, when combined with professional IT support and administration,
you can ensure continuity of business operations, protection from security threats and peace of mind.

Office 365 and BEST managed services

– Your local Computer Troubleshooters is a single point of contact for all IT issues.
– We are your business’ IT resource – we know your users, systems and procedures.
– You get improved IT performance and local support with a fixed monthly price.

Contact us now for a free IT Assessment on your Business moving to Office 365
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Of course, we do much more than Office 365 with IT Solutions Catalogue for Business covering a broad range of IT Services. Areas of interest include:

Professional IT Services – IT advise & consultancy, troubleshooting, hardware, software, networks, servers, email & internet protection, internet security, data backup & recovery. On-site, remote or proactively managed services available

Business Systems & Networks  – servers, firewalls, switches, storage devices, leasing, hardware upgrades, power protection, uninterrupted power supplies, IP camera systems.

Internet Security & Protection – firewalls, malware protection, console internet security management, content filtering, internet bandwidth management, spam protection, virtual private networks, & hosted security

Backup & Disaster Recovery on-site scheduled backup, real-time recovery backup, server backup, cloud backup, on-site virtual server, managed backup, data & system restoration, data recovery, forensic data analysis.

Managed IT Services – We manage your IT systems & networks on a proactive fixed price basis that means we are effectively your IT department. Reducing your IT costs and preventing problems.

Cloud Computing – Setup, migration & administration to Microsoft Office 365, hosted Exchange, hosted applications, Microsoft Sharepoint, hosted email archiving, hosted desktop, & hosted virtual servers.

Broadband NBN – Hosted VoIP PABX, cloud computing, video conferencing, smartphones & tablets, virtual desktops, & video streaming.

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