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Office 365 Setup, Migration & Support

Microsoft Office 365 Setup, Migration & Support

As a relatively new product in the Microsoft suite & a cloud hybrid licence, it needs careful handling. Office 365 Setup, Migration & Support is typically being handled by a specialist third-party service provider like Computer Troubleshooters who has in-depth knowledge and experience in Office 365 deployment.

Outsourced IT support enables both large corporations and small businesses to benefit from experienced IT guidance, ongoing administration, local support & to have access to knowledgeable best practices. It’s simply not possible for a business owner to be an expert at everything. It’s a smart strategy to know when to hire an expert for certain functions that will enable you to keep your focus on moving your business forward.

 Office 365 Managed IT Support Can Benefit Your Business?

As a business owner you can contact your IT support services for your Office 365 transformation, & embracing our Single Point of Contact support methodology including;

  • Office 365 Planning – Licencing & Administration
  • Office 365 Setup – Each user must be defined and set up on the Office 365 platform.
  • Office 365 Migration – Existing data, profiles and files need to be correctly setup.
  • Office 365 Administration & Local Support – local support & admin for local users, local workstations and office networks.


Computer Troubleshooters already offers this type of skilled IT service to many of our clients for on-premise equipment and we have extended our managed services to Office 365. Whatever the particulars of the chosen outsourced IT arrangement might be, the practice is increasingly popular because there are many advantages to this service. Here’s a list of the top four benefits you can take advantage of by outsourcing your IT support services:

  • Cost Control: Control costs by eliminating full-time staff or expensive non-local IT providers to manage your  IT functions. By outsourcing IT support responsibilities to a local business, you pay only for the specific tasks you need accomplished and the service level you require, at an agreed monthly cost. Administration of Office 365 can be done remotely from our offices, as a product built for the Cloud, it is designed to be supported remotely, reducing support costs, and improving response times. Plus you can also limit your initial capital outlay for IT infrastructure and running expenses (such as electricity).
  • Expertise: Expertise and efficiency are immediately available by outsourcing your Office 365 Administration functions to a local expert. As a specialist, we have developed tools for fast and accurate setup and migration.  Plus we use automated tools to monitor and manage your local tool to maximise performance. As a business owner, you won’t need to worry about a full-time employee being trained, skilled and experienced for each new IT project.
  • Leverage: Stay competitive even if you don’t have a big budget for IT expenses. Large companies may have in-house tech professionals and cutting-edge technology, but smaller businesses generally don’t have the financial resources to support these services. Through economies of scale, outsourced IT support services provide access to the technology and professional expertise that you need for your business to stay competitive. By leveraging outsourcing combined with Microsoft’s Office 365 centralised shared infrastructure means any business can function on the latest technology at a reasonable cost.
  • Local Service: Simply call your local Computer Troubleshooters who you know & with whom you have a personal relationship, with the peace of mind that a skilled professional is available to help locally & who understands your business. No overseas call centres. No Identity checks. No remembering account number & passwords. No explaining your systems to THEM every time.

Stay Ahead of the Competition with Managed Office 365

In today’s economy, the business world has become increasingly competitive. Business owners need to carefully manage every aspect of their business to stay a step ahead of their competitors. If trying to manage IT issues are distracting you from the core issues of your business, it’s probably time to consider an alternative. Outsourced IT support services are an affordable and efficient alternative to wasting your time on IT headaches.

Computer Troubleshooters can provide professional IT services to your business to provision and administer Office 365 environments as needed, with no need to hire full-time employees or large IT service providers. Let the experts at Computer Troubleshooters work with you to assess your IT needs and develop a customized plan for your business. Computer Troubleshooters can manage your IT services and you can manage your business. Give your local Computer Troubleshooters office a call and one of our computer professionals will be happy to help you.

Computer Troubleshooters Milton can help you on the Office 365 journey with Planning, Setup, & Migration PLUS ongoing Local Support & Administration

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